24h and Paris

What brings those two topics together? I consider myself as an addicted man. Whatever I do will become very fast totally involved into it. I started to watch the 24h TV series with Kiefer Sutherland some weeks ago. No I am nearly done with season 2. I have three more episodes to go.
Man this TV series is a very good entertaining for me. Everything around Jack Bauer is dying fast and he is pretty cool all the time:
“I can not answer now, I will do later”
“I am sorry I can not tell more, but please do what I said to you”
“I have to drop the call, do what I said”
He is breaking laws with nearly every step he makes. And what I like most, it is very though to predict what will happen in the next minutes. Each person can be suspected as evil or only mislead or even mistaken. It is fun, and even if I would love to do some more 2v2 matches today, I can not through to some housekeeping duties and my urgent need to find out the end of season two.
Paris will be my destination this weekend. It is our first anniversary of our wedding and in Germany we have a long weekend. An optimal situation to make the 4 to 5 hours car drive to the main capital of France and the city of love. Since my wife is a French teacher and extremely good in France language I expect a smooth stay. Finally I will be able to see the Eifel Tower and the Louvre.
So it will be tough to find some time for gaming this week.

On Sunday I played 5 hours and now my mage is sitting in 1K xp out of 1,5K to proceed to level 71. Rest bonus is accumulating, the instance “Castle Utrgrade” (is this the English name, I can only guess) is done with three quest and good upgrades. The nexus prequest are done also but so far I could not find a group picking me up from the group search function.
The bad thing is I am running only 700 DPS in instances, even on bosses. I have no idea why this is the case. Probably I will have to change my rotation. Maybe only 20% crit chance is for fire tree far to low.
And with level 70 I can now produce magic cloth, it is on a 4 days cool down and will be needed for all the fine epics I want to produce when hitting 80. My skill is up to 425 which allows my to manufacture the fast flying carpet. The slow one looks nice, but man this thing is so slow.

Sidenote: I would have loved to jump with my paladin into Ulduar. But random groups starting slow. There are some, but heal paladin do not seem to be in short demand at the given moment and since I have enough other goals it is not to bad.


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