Starting the rogue project

Hey guys, I am back from Paris and will start soon with my small rogue project. I finally reached my old companion who is now 600km away and asked him to play together again, after three years of none sync gaming.
Since he introduced me to the game and we leveled together with our first chars, we now know all problems that my come between us.

Rule Nr 1: Level together under all circumstances.

If you don’t follow this rule, it will be a disaster. Since it is more or less boring for the more advanced char to do quest that are no longer granting any experience. The lower char does not have that much fun, since he has is not contributing that much to the kill. It may be challenging for him alone but not with an advanced char.
The other side he can not help the advanced char since he will be one hitted or even can not hit the mob.

Rule Nr. 2: Do stuff that the other is interested too

From time to time leveling may not be the main target of the session. Doing some PvP maybe fun also. Taking a break and do some bg’s. I am quit sure we will do this, since my friend loved PvP and we will do it.

Why are we going to choose rogues?

I never played a rogue past level 18. I made lot of mistakes the last time and really want to understand what a rogue is about. This time we have the financial background to buy the stuff we need if it won’t drop so everything will be about performance.

Rogues must be fun, since we want to stealth towards our opponents and kill them fast and vanish if we need to.

On my second char I came across a rogue duo once and they impressed me. It was like watching a well drilled killing machine. There names have been funny too and we are planning to do something accordingly.

The things we have to watch out:

We can not rezz, so a death of us will lead to some ghost form traveling.
We can not heal, so our damage must be enough to kill fast.
We can do some crowd control, but the timing must be good, team speak will hopefully solve this issue.


Leveling together up to 80.
Time: No real time plan. Since we are both busy and certainly will do otherthings too, it will take us at least 6 month. Maybe more, we will see. I will keep you informed.

Other things I will have to do this week:
Do more 2v2 with my Warlock teammate.
Finally get my shamy to Oggrima and transfer all glyphs to him.
Post more glyph auctions.
Learn more glyphs; I still do not know all minor glyphs.

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