Oh man what a weekend. Friday evening started with me refilling all my glyphs. My AH glyph twink with his 4 32 bags is now loaded with glyphs. He can not hold anymore. Therefore, it would be necessary to set up the next twink for selling the other inks.
I stocked from 315 glyphs to 540 by adding up from 2 each up to 5 each, starting with the glyphs worth most. The main glyph players seem to have left or are abstinent. This was pretty good news for me. That way I was able to sell glyphs worth 6.000g this weekend.
I reinvested the money into 13 books of glyph mastery for 210g each. I bought some epics for my mage to make it more attractive for me to hit 80.

Canceling the auctions, getting the mailbox empty (damn 50each limit) and recreating glyphs the up to starting the appraiser function of the Auctioneer takes me 30min at least. The requirement is that all the ink must be available.
And this is my main problem at the moment. I try to buy stacks of herbs for 20g each but those prices are often not available. I really need to have good luck to find a big spot of herbs in the AH. If I find them I usually buy all herbs up to market value.

I may have to change this strategy since I am running out of stocks for some inks and I have to evaluate which prices for premade inks are fine for me. If you follow Gevlon, he states that he buys all of the inks from AH. But on my server nobody is offering inks on or they are sold out faster than I would be able to see them.

I also called my friend to organize further coordinating with out rogue project. Wednesday could be the start for it, but he has already plans for a bike tour and I think about some sport event myself. As usually nothing concrete, which is no problem since we already made clear we don’t want to push it, we want to enjoy it.

My wife an myself started the climbing sport. She is advanced and I am a beginner. With some ninety kilograms I may have some hundred grams to much. Future will tell. It is a fun sport and still thrilling. It is easy to get some meters between the ground and yourself, but safety is given only by the rope and some connectors.


Saturday was the day I finally went to our local game store and bought the “Brettspiel” Dominion. It is a real great strategy board game. If you want to try it out visit You can play many of the new board games there for free. You just have to learn to navigate through the broad content. It looks better than 4 years ago but since it is a browser game it is different than many other games.
Many slash commandos may help you. Try out /help for a complete list of commands. If you find something interesting get more information out of the combination like

/help ghook

It will explain that /help [nameofplayer] will bring you to the room where your friend hopefully already awaits you.
If you are in the same play room both enter /join and one /start.

I may have played the game 7 times on our living room table and another 20times online. After being defeated a lot in the beginning, I am now getting used to the different cards and synergies. For me this is now the best board game on the market. A game can be played in 30min or even faster if everybody know the cards.
Out of maybe 25 Actions cards are taken only 10. This way each game is different than all the games you played before. Have fun.

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