Stategy: Remodel

Yesterday I focused on Remodel. I can not say it worked for me yet. Background information I was playing against my wife 6 games out of 3 I used the Remodel strategy and lost all of them.
Due to bad luck? No, I don’t think so. The problem was, that I was under the assumption that it would work on it own. This was my biggest failure. As mention in the original guide it states that it would be necessary to have +actions cards. And that seems to be the case. But this leaves me with the qeustion:

What do I have to transform first? Start with the Estate cards and transform them into Remodel cards. Since the Remodel is an action card I could also buy other cards. But which one. It seems to me, that a village is a good choice, since it draws a card and gives you two more actions. I also like Throne Room, but not early in the game.

At the moment I don’t have a good feeling about the Remodel strategy. I am not sure under witch card setup it would be the best situation.

Ideas for next game with it:

Go for one remodel in the beginning.
Pick up +action cards like village, laboratory, festival.
Buy also two money early
Remodel the high costing first (like estate into remodel)

I have to figure out how I get fast more money and spent it into even more bigger money. Running with only coppers was awful.

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