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July 6, 2009

I am not sure if this is even a word. But for the time given let us consider it is. It happened yesterday and it is a typical event on a PVP server. About stupid dump asses. I am falling into that trap from time to time.
I logged onto my 73 undead mage and wanted to do some qeusting with my buddy who has also started a DK on my server. (Remember we are level our two druid together) Since he is pushing really hard his DK is now 73. I think more than 7 levels last week. We where really peaceful and passed other peaceful players. Out of nowhere one warrior charged on me. My DK friend some 20yards behind me did not notice fast enough. I was able to get away two times, thanks to ice trap and blink. Finally my DK friend helped me, but at that time it was to late, a paladin and a druid made short work out of us. I was that kind of pissed, you would not believe. The fucking warrior started the skirmish and other members of his fraction helped him, the moment we had it under control.
This was the kick of event of 1hour senseless fight. Since I was just finished with the quest, they just started I absolutely know where those guys would be in the next minutes. Unluckily not the warrior starting everything, I was more pissed on the druid moon fire staff joining the battle and made out death sentence. We hired a level 80 hunter; 50g makes ganking no problem.
But both of them just logged out and where chasing us with an imba equipped rogue and a warlock. Remember us being only level 73. They killed us again, again and again. I logged onto my heal paladin but it was senseless, the rogue could kill me within 6 seconds. It was even more easy since he was full buffed and I had to start with half live, no buffs and only few mana.
After 40minutes or so we had the 80 together which where able to finish them. So they left immediately. Man, I was so enraged that those assholes where leaving the second they lost. But hey, I was quite sure where to find them. Sure the same quest giver everything started now level 73 again. Unfortunately, a holy paladin can not kill quickly and both of them run away as fast as they could. After bubble was down we finished the fucking paladin.

Lesson learned:
I will not play with my friend high level again if he is not willing to join Teamspeak. We could have easily killed the initial warrior with proper coordination.
I still hate those cursed kiddies running on an PVP server and being able to do what they want.
We lost due to communication, the player who helped us, where not able to do a coordinate move, this way the rogue and warlock could finish them off one by one.
The system is real unfair in open world pvp, since a rogue can not be seen and starting with half life is an instant win for the rogue.
Next time log of and play an alt, since this is only a sink of time.

What happend

July 1, 2009

I could not find my PVP mate online during the last weeks. He already mentioned that he has a lot of alts on many different servers. He may be found their. Since I am restricted to usually Wednesday I may have missed him all the time.

It was a great time playing with him. 3 weeks ago we had a 3 hour Arena session and made some real good process. We where nearly hitting 1300 rating. We missed it by two points. Afterwards we lost many points due to unlucky pairing. And of course some mistakes on my side. Nonetheless, I think we made great progress in understanding in what direction the other is heading two.

Instead I started the project with my friend from Weimar. We talked about details and decided on playing two druids. He will go feral and I will go into the caster direction. This way we can easily split loot and always will have all two combinations of DD / Tank / Healer. It will be getting much easier with hitting level 40 and having access to dual specs.

Yesterday we both hit level 20 and have nearly finished the blood elf starting area, which we used for leveling from level 12. We had very slow starting progress in the Tauren area, due to lots of travel and grind quest. Grind quest are even more boring if you do them together. Kill quest are much better. It was often the case that all mobs who could drop the item where dead and we have to kill them all over again for the grind items. This is a really bad design. Blizzard has to improve here.

Next steps: Hard to judge, we don’t have that much quest left in blood elf area, I think we will do one ore two more to get Tristessa fraction to exalted. It is a nice cloak for DD and tanks as well. After that we will have to figure out what instance should be next. I am not sure either this cave in the barrens or Castle Shadowfang. I like the latter one, it is my all time favorite instance, the ore is great and the final boss is always a nice fight.

My mage is still only close to level 73, since he invested much more time in milling than in leveling. I am now buying huge stacks of addles tongue and creating the card sets. It really cost a fortune to create noble decks. They are worth 600g each, since the creation is that random and the ink is still expensive. I hope to be able to at lease use the junk cards for my alts, so at least it will generate some profit this way. But man, eight cards for one deck is stupid. But at least I am sitting now onto 300 inks of the sea and will be able to craft the next glyphs which I will have sold easily.

The market is tough, but with aggressive canceling and reposting it is still possible to make some profit. 3-5K can be made with 4-6 postings. It depends on luck, how long it would take for the other to undercut.

I found some love for my Tauren DK tank again. He was easily able to tank Naxx 10man and 25man. It was a smooth run with an alt raid, where my only issue was holding the aggro against single targets. Unholy felt to uncomfortable here. So I went back to and looked for some frost or blood skill examples. After some consideration I picked frost, since I never tested it myself.
And it felt great. Spells are funny and the damage on single target is good. My items are still few blue: Sigel, Trinkets. Epics on ilvl 200. I won the role on T7,5 shoulders and now have to decide whether going for the 3/4 tank set or 2/2 damage set.

The 25PUG raid went smooth, but we have the usually problems. We started at 8pm and first person left 10pm. More and more player left until we gave up at 2am. Big thanks to our best dps. A hunter was doing 5k dps and stayed to the end. We had only 4 horsemen and embosses left.
I picked up some achievments and have only to down the final bosses for instance clear on Naxx25.

My wife and myself will do our trip to Gran Canaria next week. So again, there will be some less reporting from this side.