How to figure out where you are, PUG checker

I just asked for this information and now I ran over the source where you get at least the easiest information about your current gear status.

is the web service witch offers this service. It is from my point a very useful information. Since it rates all your gear, enchants and gems and shows you which raid content is suitable for you char.
Of course it is not in alignment with where he discussed widely the skill>>>gear topic.
Nonetheless, the page is an easy finger pointing on the topic of find the right enchants. I was so far not aware that I had used the wrong pattern for my cloak. I will change this today, since I am 2 emblems short on the 213iLvL cloak.

This page is also very useful if you want to find out what kind of player you are going to invite for the raid. Is he willing to put effort in it. It happens quit allot in the last time that I run with either very competent or very dump people. I am really looking forward to find hint in advance.

What I hate:

Raiders that have on this char not even a cold weather flying mount but want to run Naxx. Even worth they have run Naxx successful. Usually this is a twink that needs to be equipped. Their main is in a successful gild that do not want to carry alts. So now he is bothering the community to port them into the instance, run away the first signs of being a though run, since those guys usually are not able to effort any repair bills.
The other way around the guild would not invite any of the PUG players since they are not worth their time.

So many player not being able to speak via vent (teamspeak). What is the reason for that? For me this is slacking. There will never be a valuable comment from their side since is technical not possible for them. For me this is slacking. Get some 10 Euro and buy the damn cheapest microphone you can get your hands on. The worst case scenario comes up when it would really needed that they say something, consider the priest in the military quarter.

Paladins not using PallyPower. This leads usually to missing buffs and calling for buffs and therefore for the delay in boss pulls and overall delay due to less DPS. I mean it is really not that hard to install the recommended add-ons. Of course you could do it without the add-on, but you will usually not do it. With PallyPower you always see immediately who is missing what kind of buff from you.

Leaving the raid before the planned end. For me it is a kind of contract between the player in which they commit to do there best for the benefit of the group. If they leave earlier this is usually cause to some selfish reason. But usually this leads to major thread for the rest of the group, since the ID is already partly cleared and it will be tough to find a replacement.

Maybe I should try following anouncement:

We are building a PUG raid for raid insance XY, we expect that you have suitable gear and are proper enchanted and gemmed. We will raid until 11pm please bring enough time. We will have breaks but otherwise expect that everybody will available to proceed in a meaningfull pace. Furthermore, have the recommended add-ons for your chars installed. Finally you should be able to communicate via Teamspeak.
We are still looking for class X, Y, Z.

I think I will really give it a try. Consider it as my experiment.

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