Under Maintenance

I have the odd feeling for some month now, that I have chose the wrong web appearance. I will change this. Therefore, I will have to look for:

1. New blog name
2. Follow tips for good bogging
3. Blog more regular

So far

I really enjoy blogging, it helps me to reflect my thinking and come up with a new perspective. I enjoy the other blogs very much and would love to be more involved in the overall discussion.
Sadly, pallynoob is not a good name for several reasons. Fist it is misleading. I am neither dump nor a real beginner of the game. What maybe would fit me is casual. But even for a casual I am, was, will be more hard core at it would be of any good. There where lengthy discussion about casuals and hardcore and I do not want to go into detail now.

Two weeks off

I will be away for two weeks in a row and I am not yet sure if I would find, or even will try to find time to blog.
Therefore, I will start my new blog end of September or beginning of October. German national day, would not that be a great day.

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