I played a German PVP servers since the release of wow.
I started with a mage up to level 39 (horde). I hated the lack of healing and that i have to drink allot.

So as a friend of mine convinced me to switch to a new created server “Das Syndikat” we rerolled to alliance. I choose a female human priest. I loved it, I was welcome to every group during leveling, I was part of the first alliance raid (40 man) to MC and played allot.

Due to real live commitments i could not stand a 5 raid day week anymore and stopped playing.

After maybe 3 month I started a dwarf hunter and i was very easy leveling.
Hitting 70 I did a lot of PVP. Alterac valley to no end and some arena.

Parallel my friend rerolled again to a new server this time horde again, this way I started a paladin, i wanted a char being able to go as dps, tank and even a healer.

Hitting 70 again, got me right into tanking. Kara was easy to archive since only 10man where necessary. I liked that. The 25man only saw me very occasionally.

Going into wrath was a slow start. Leveling as a tank seemed to slow for me. So hitting 72 I started a Death Knight. I was like burst; all 2 up to 3 man quest could be done alone. But with 80 everything was like a nightmare. Of course doing 5 man heroics was easy after being crit imun. But everything afterwards was like, no we don’t need a DK. If you made an Archavon run always plenty of dk. No way for me to get any better gear.

During this time I came across GreedyGoblin and it opens my eyes to finally make money within the game. Now I have around 20k and a least can afford something. I think this is considered middle class.

So expect me to write about everything that comes to my mind, and what I am exploring in WoW.

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