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My Mage rocked Naxx25

August 24, 2009

Finally everything worked out as I planned for a very long time. After the Naxx25 run yesterday I am featuring an average iLvL of 211. That the right direction, and I can still improve with the token as soon as I have collect more of them.

The group building went really slow yesterday. I think we started at 6pm, at least I was invited at that time, we have been 8-9 chars. Great, so it was clear to me that it would take time. But damn, not that much time. We had to invite for nearly 2hours. This was really tough. But finally we had a real good group setup with anything a mage would love. There was the druid caster, the Caster Shaman with their great totems, 4 Paladins for all needs, another mage with the magic focus talent.

The moment, I remembered that I have to use Molten Armor instead of Magic Armor everything went really smooth. I constantly put out 4K DPS on trash and bosses. I am not yet sure if I really have to have 289hit for the cap, since the caster druid should also reduce the hit cap, but since I had no better trinket to support the test I left it as it was given.

I took care that I hid my Arcane Missile the moment the speed up proc. I used every cool down like Mirror Images as early as possible in a boss fight in the hope to have it available again before the fight would end. The second Icy Vain usually was great to increase the speed of the Evoke to have full mana again. I took care to have Mana Gems available, but where only occasionally in a real need to use them. I really think the tailoring stuff for the cloak helped there a lot. A 400 Mana proc from time to time is great.

I was able to win a staff with 99 haste on it. I am sure that this is really a big improvement for me.

The only cons where:
• I had to leave at 11pm we just started the last wing, the spider wing.

It was good to run Naxx25 again with some player who had good knowledge about the instance. Great that I was able to be within the top 5 damage dealers.

Next steps:
Whenever possible hit Ulduar25 for next gear Updates.
Hope for 3.2.2 to even improve arcane tree. 4 stacks of Arcane Blast sounds good to me.

Finally damage delivered; PUG Raids sucks

August 19, 2009

The reason really was the missing of the Arcane Power (reduce your damage but also the mana cost) The instant I inserted it into the Icy Vain I jumped up to 3K DPS constantly. I even managed 4K DPS on the first Spider Wing boss.
Damn it is nice to see the Arcane Blast hit for 12k . Great, I was finally deep into 5 digit damage.

Here is the golden Makro for me:

#showtooltip Icy Vain
/use 13
/use 14
/cast Arcane Power
/cast Icy Vain

Cool down is more or less the same. So I should be able to hit both at once, and blow also a trinket if possible.

But still playing yesterday sucked for several reason. From 7pm to 8pm only 6 people have been in the looking for group channel to run a Naxx25. Therefore, I had to go with group filling up after Thaddius. And still we wiped; 3 times on Thaddius, since some AFK and some not able to move.
We even wiped on the Hegan Dance. 4 times and called in a night. What a waste of time. But for me the biggest of all issues is the damn AFK thins with those PUG. We could not drink due to one Paladin AFK but in battle, we tried Thaddius with only 21 +3 dying…..
If you join a raid, bring time. Damn. Is it to much to ask for.

I think the major issue is. Good player proceeded far more than running Naxx25. Therefore, I have to deal with more M&S. Frustrated as I was, I joined a Ulduar25 at 11pm. And we downed Flame Leviatan, even with me given very less attention due to my mother on the telephone. I shot on the helicopter for the pyrite, that was it. I think we even had some hard mode.

Razorscale was another matter, we had to learn to bring the adds together, job of the tanks, and DD not to pull aggro. As we managed this we only had to learn to bring the drake down at the right time.
I was managing the shooting, (in 25 you have 4 harpoons instead of two) and we downed him. Funny side note was the expierience with another mage.
More of that later: Insults sucks, but this was so special. We all had a good laugh.

Sucking on damage

August 18, 2009

I still have no clue. What is the expected damage that a mage with an average iLvl of 209 should do?
I constantly manage about 2,5K DPS. Rarely I hit 3K DPS. But by far I am not close to 4 or 5K. At the moment I am Arcane Tree. I love the simplicity. Get 3 Arcane Barrage hits in a row to have maximum stack size and switch to Arcane Missile. If the faster buff is up do the missile immediately. But it still sucks.
I am now running with 30% crit and some 200 haste with 2100 Spell power. I am using mirror image early each boss fights and Icy vain early or when in need for burst later.
I could improve with the wyrm flask and could use buff food better. I think I may not using the third damage improving something like Arcane Power, where you spell costs more but hit harder. It Maybe the case, that my macro is mistyped will check this today.

Even if I should be able to run Ulduar 10er I would prefer a Naxx25 today to improve in the damage abilities and may be able to get some updates. Since I am still sporting some 200 iLvL it means still improvements.

I made a huge improvement in the matter of tailoring, and hope to be able to get the investment back. I bought a pattern for iLvL 226 shoes and power leveled the last 10 points in tailoring. Afterwards no more wizardcloth (Zaubertuch) and darkcloth (Schwarztuch) where available in the AH. No I have to wait for the AH refill and than I will start to craft those shoes. Since material cost is real high:

6 orbs (350g) = 2100g
10 Zauberuch = 1500g
10 Schwarztuch = 900g
? Magic Forstbolds = 200g

So I have to take 5500g for it. And still only small profit. It will be interesting to see if there really is a market for it. So far I have never seen them in the AH. Thats the reason why I made my own one.
If it won’t work I will have a loss of 15000g. But as usually no risk no fun. But at least it looks like not much competition in that area. And it is really high quality and would be great improvement for each alt hitting 80.

Glyph business is running. Still very tough competition but since I am selling a lot I have to craft a lot. I started to buy more ink directly from the AH since the producing is so time intensive.
My shot on the card sets still looks not so profitable. There is still lot of money bound that I should try to cache out soon.

As you can see, lots of targets for a very limited play time. Thats the reason why my pally did not see much playtime.

If you have any hints regarding the mage DPS please let me know.


Mage hit 80

August 14, 2009

So now I have my mage reach the level cap. I used a two weeks span to run a lot of heroics and nax10. Luckily only one week into level 80. the new patch 3.2 hit. I bought some epics, mainly to start with hit cap and to replace old gear.
My average item level is now 206 thanks to some pieces out of the new heroic 5man. But man I still suck on DPS. And its also extremely random. I am proper gemmed and socked. I spent huge money into the equip but I am doing only 2.2k DPS up to a 3K within a short fight and heroism available.
This looks like I am missing some core mechanics, or is it real due to a bad internet connection. I am not sure. Both may true maybe.
I try to spell queue and use all cool downs as often as possible.
I started with fire spec, which felt sub par. I switched to arcane and I am wondering how to approve. I would love to master it, before I would switch to frost fire. I am now sitting on 2000 spell power and 28% critical chance but have only 6% haste.
This may be some part of the reason; probable I should switch with a high crit. rating back to fire. Who knows?

My aim is to reach at least 3K DPS. But maybe the equip is not good enough yet. I wonder about what future will bring. Maybe the missing set bonuses. I think I will collect 116 emblems and buy the Tier 8 set.
At the moment most improvements would come from shoes and cloak. But so far I did not came across something worth, or was in need of the hit on the current cloak. Since I was lucky to pick up the 100 hit trinkets I may have some room know.

Besides myself sucking in terms of DPS, at least I am always above 2K I had some really good time with my mage. It is great to stand in the back and just nuke but still it is a lot of stuff you have to watch for. Usually you are dead quit fast. So move out of anything that hurts immediately. Be aware about the spell the boss can caste and react in a timely manner.
I am also had the possibility to lead a raid into Ulduar 10. Even with the small knowledge I have, some experience with my paladin healer, I was able to down the bridge boss, thanks to all other player being really good at movement. Most of them have had better equip than me but not that much better. On top of the charts was a paladin doing 4K DPS.
What sucked:
1. Healer left after 2 hours.
2. Rogue sucked due to not stopping damage, being called went offline, got fired by me
3. More people left after 3 hours at a time of 11pm
4. We where searching for filler for over 1 hour in total

Next time I have to make clear about this: What time schedules do I aspect from my teammates?
I need to find a good strategy for Thorim since we had trouble with the arena team. Healer died all the time, after two waves. Probably standing together was not a good idea, since the effect of slowing down caste is both not good for healer and DPS.
I sucked in the gangway group due to multiple dying in the fire throws.

New 5 man hero:

I like the hosting, and can not understand the other players, who think it is unnecessary. It is short, it is not to tough, and its totally different from the other instances.
Some fellow blogger even judge the development by the space the instance is covering. And since it is not big, it should be a lazy design.
I say: I love it. Being in one room. Being able to run back into the instance the moment you died. The loot is gorgeous. It should be that easy all the time. Where is the skill running the same instance multiple times just for the probability that the loot drops. I am just fine with 2 level 216+ items to be dropped on a 5man hero. What I don’t like, that the drops are for the same slots like the badge loot. Head and chest. This way I first get the instance loot, enchant it properly, and have to replace it short after.
Where is the sense out of it? Please make it possible for me to improve all necessary slots. Otherwise it is only such a small improvement and new chars will never be able to catch up.

Did I mention that jousting is fun? I started the tournament quests very late. I think two weeks ago. And now I am a champion of Undercity. Yeah. At first I lost. I lost again. Then I lost more often than I would win. Lately I won all the time. And now it’s only a question of how fast I can achieve it. Thank you Blizzard this is well done.
I also like the squire pet carrying my flag, will use him in a raid soon.

I power leveled the last skill levels in enchanting. Boy this is expensive, and in now way lucrative. I am used to buy the mats and create the end product for small margin. But as it turns out many enchants are even sold far below material cost. Man enchanter are stupid. I will watch for this in the future and hope for changes.
Glyph business is running okay. It is still a lot of work to craft those damn glyphs in huge quantities. At least it is so much faster with the posting if you use Quick Auctions 2. With it, I switched to post only 2 at time.

What next: Try to do raids. If not possible do level druids. Enhance level on warrior and go ahead with shamy. 3 toons at 80. 3 toons to go. O my god.