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How to figure out where you are, PUG checker

August 28, 2009

I just asked for this information and now I ran over the source where you get at least the easiest information about your current gear status.

is the web service witch offers this service. It is from my point a very useful information. Since it rates all your gear, enchants and gems and shows you which raid content is suitable for you char.
Of course it is not in alignment with where he discussed widely the skill>>>gear topic.
Nonetheless, the page is an easy finger pointing on the topic of find the right enchants. I was so far not aware that I had used the wrong pattern for my cloak. I will change this today, since I am 2 emblems short on the 213iLvL cloak.

This page is also very useful if you want to find out what kind of player you are going to invite for the raid. Is he willing to put effort in it. It happens quit allot in the last time that I run with either very competent or very dump people. I am really looking forward to find hint in advance.

What I hate:

Raiders that have on this char not even a cold weather flying mount but want to run Naxx. Even worth they have run Naxx successful. Usually this is a twink that needs to be equipped. Their main is in a successful gild that do not want to carry alts. So now he is bothering the community to port them into the instance, run away the first signs of being a though run, since those guys usually are not able to effort any repair bills.
The other way around the guild would not invite any of the PUG players since they are not worth their time.

So many player not being able to speak via vent (teamspeak). What is the reason for that? For me this is slacking. There will never be a valuable comment from their side since is technical not possible for them. For me this is slacking. Get some 10 Euro and buy the damn cheapest microphone you can get your hands on. The worst case scenario comes up when it would really needed that they say something, consider the priest in the military quarter.

Paladins not using PallyPower. This leads usually to missing buffs and calling for buffs and therefore for the delay in boss pulls and overall delay due to less DPS. I mean it is really not that hard to install the recommended add-ons. Of course you could do it without the add-on, but you will usually not do it. With PallyPower you always see immediately who is missing what kind of buff from you.

Leaving the raid before the planned end. For me it is a kind of contract between the player in which they commit to do there best for the benefit of the group. If they leave earlier this is usually cause to some selfish reason. But usually this leads to major thread for the rest of the group, since the ID is already partly cleared and it will be tough to find a replacement.

Maybe I should try following anouncement:

We are building a PUG raid for raid insance XY, we expect that you have suitable gear and are proper enchanted and gemmed. We will raid until 11pm please bring enough time. We will have breaks but otherwise expect that everybody will available to proceed in a meaningfull pace. Furthermore, have the recommended add-ons for your chars installed. Finally you should be able to communicate via Teamspeak.
We are still looking for class X, Y, Z.

I think I will really give it a try. Consider it as my experiment.

My Mage rocked Naxx25

August 24, 2009

Finally everything worked out as I planned for a very long time. After the Naxx25 run yesterday I am featuring an average iLvL of 211. That the right direction, and I can still improve with the token as soon as I have collect more of them.

The group building went really slow yesterday. I think we started at 6pm, at least I was invited at that time, we have been 8-9 chars. Great, so it was clear to me that it would take time. But damn, not that much time. We had to invite for nearly 2hours. This was really tough. But finally we had a real good group setup with anything a mage would love. There was the druid caster, the Caster Shaman with their great totems, 4 Paladins for all needs, another mage with the magic focus talent.

The moment, I remembered that I have to use Molten Armor instead of Magic Armor everything went really smooth. I constantly put out 4K DPS on trash and bosses. I am not yet sure if I really have to have 289hit for the cap, since the caster druid should also reduce the hit cap, but since I had no better trinket to support the test I left it as it was given.

I took care that I hid my Arcane Missile the moment the speed up proc. I used every cool down like Mirror Images as early as possible in a boss fight in the hope to have it available again before the fight would end. The second Icy Vain usually was great to increase the speed of the Evoke to have full mana again. I took care to have Mana Gems available, but where only occasionally in a real need to use them. I really think the tailoring stuff for the cloak helped there a lot. A 400 Mana proc from time to time is great.

I was able to win a staff with 99 haste on it. I am sure that this is really a big improvement for me.

The only cons where:
• I had to leave at 11pm we just started the last wing, the spider wing.

It was good to run Naxx25 again with some player who had good knowledge about the instance. Great that I was able to be within the top 5 damage dealers.

Next steps:
Whenever possible hit Ulduar25 for next gear Updates.
Hope for 3.2.2 to even improve arcane tree. 4 stacks of Arcane Blast sounds good to me.

Finally damage delivered; PUG Raids sucks

August 19, 2009

The reason really was the missing of the Arcane Power (reduce your damage but also the mana cost) The instant I inserted it into the Icy Vain I jumped up to 3K DPS constantly. I even managed 4K DPS on the first Spider Wing boss.
Damn it is nice to see the Arcane Blast hit for 12k . Great, I was finally deep into 5 digit damage.

Here is the golden Makro for me:

#showtooltip Icy Vain
/use 13
/use 14
/cast Arcane Power
/cast Icy Vain

Cool down is more or less the same. So I should be able to hit both at once, and blow also a trinket if possible.

But still playing yesterday sucked for several reason. From 7pm to 8pm only 6 people have been in the looking for group channel to run a Naxx25. Therefore, I had to go with group filling up after Thaddius. And still we wiped; 3 times on Thaddius, since some AFK and some not able to move.
We even wiped on the Hegan Dance. 4 times and called in a night. What a waste of time. But for me the biggest of all issues is the damn AFK thins with those PUG. We could not drink due to one Paladin AFK but in battle, we tried Thaddius with only 21 +3 dying…..
If you join a raid, bring time. Damn. Is it to much to ask for.

I think the major issue is. Good player proceeded far more than running Naxx25. Therefore, I have to deal with more M&S. Frustrated as I was, I joined a Ulduar25 at 11pm. And we downed Flame Leviatan, even with me given very less attention due to my mother on the telephone. I shot on the helicopter for the pyrite, that was it. I think we even had some hard mode.

Razorscale was another matter, we had to learn to bring the adds together, job of the tanks, and DD not to pull aggro. As we managed this we only had to learn to bring the drake down at the right time.
I was managing the shooting, (in 25 you have 4 harpoons instead of two) and we downed him. Funny side note was the expierience with another mage.
More of that later: Insults sucks, but this was so special. We all had a good laugh.

What happend

July 1, 2009

I could not find my PVP mate online during the last weeks. He already mentioned that he has a lot of alts on many different servers. He may be found their. Since I am restricted to usually Wednesday I may have missed him all the time.

It was a great time playing with him. 3 weeks ago we had a 3 hour Arena session and made some real good process. We where nearly hitting 1300 rating. We missed it by two points. Afterwards we lost many points due to unlucky pairing. And of course some mistakes on my side. Nonetheless, I think we made great progress in understanding in what direction the other is heading two.

Instead I started the project with my friend from Weimar. We talked about details and decided on playing two druids. He will go feral and I will go into the caster direction. This way we can easily split loot and always will have all two combinations of DD / Tank / Healer. It will be getting much easier with hitting level 40 and having access to dual specs.

Yesterday we both hit level 20 and have nearly finished the blood elf starting area, which we used for leveling from level 12. We had very slow starting progress in the Tauren area, due to lots of travel and grind quest. Grind quest are even more boring if you do them together. Kill quest are much better. It was often the case that all mobs who could drop the item where dead and we have to kill them all over again for the grind items. This is a really bad design. Blizzard has to improve here.

Next steps: Hard to judge, we don’t have that much quest left in blood elf area, I think we will do one ore two more to get Tristessa fraction to exalted. It is a nice cloak for DD and tanks as well. After that we will have to figure out what instance should be next. I am not sure either this cave in the barrens or Castle Shadowfang. I like the latter one, it is my all time favorite instance, the ore is great and the final boss is always a nice fight.

My mage is still only close to level 73, since he invested much more time in milling than in leveling. I am now buying huge stacks of addles tongue and creating the card sets. It really cost a fortune to create noble decks. They are worth 600g each, since the creation is that random and the ink is still expensive. I hope to be able to at lease use the junk cards for my alts, so at least it will generate some profit this way. But man, eight cards for one deck is stupid. But at least I am sitting now onto 300 inks of the sea and will be able to craft the next glyphs which I will have sold easily.

The market is tough, but with aggressive canceling and reposting it is still possible to make some profit. 3-5K can be made with 4-6 postings. It depends on luck, how long it would take for the other to undercut.

I found some love for my Tauren DK tank again. He was easily able to tank Naxx 10man and 25man. It was a smooth run with an alt raid, where my only issue was holding the aggro against single targets. Unholy felt to uncomfortable here. So I went back to and looked for some frost or blood skill examples. After some consideration I picked frost, since I never tested it myself.
And it felt great. Spells are funny and the damage on single target is good. My items are still few blue: Sigel, Trinkets. Epics on ilvl 200. I won the role on T7,5 shoulders and now have to decide whether going for the 3/4 tank set or 2/2 damage set.

The 25PUG raid went smooth, but we have the usually problems. We started at 8pm and first person left 10pm. More and more player left until we gave up at 2am. Big thanks to our best dps. A hunter was doing 5k dps and stayed to the end. We had only 4 horsemen and embosses left.
I picked up some achievments and have only to down the final bosses for instance clear on Naxx25.

My wife and myself will do our trip to Gran Canaria next week. So again, there will be some less reporting from this side.

Wednesday Report: Ulduar 25 Session

June 4, 2009

Hey fellow readers, after nearly 5 days of abstinence I logged into the game yesterday again. I planned nothing concrete; if my fellow 2v2 partner would be online I would have loved to play some games, If not I would continue my scribe business and hope for an Ulduard 25 raid. Wednesday is usually a good day for it, since everybody gets a new ID after the reset. And there are quite some raids outside looking for a healer.
Since, I usually match their equipment wish list and at least have a chance to grab the slot against other competition guys.
Most of the Items I wear are 213ilvl enchanted and socked. So the holy Paladin has around 2200 spell power, 22% crit, 320 mana reg. After I made a quick journey to Oggrima to get the check made I had 15min to prepare the raid. I bought wyrm flask for 30g each (125 Spell power, prolongs after death 1h) made the repair and stacked some symbols for buffing.

Funny side note:
– not even one mage was in the raid.
– on rogue was more offline than online
– raid consists of maybe 2/3 raid interns

My major drawback is that I still lack to heal in big numbers and I have no idea what the reason. (If you look into recount I sit about 1000k to 1700k heals) What is the reason for that?
I have no hots, so I have to spam heals.
I could spam the huge heals 15-20K+ crits: But those are critical since they may hit to late.
If I only spam my small heals: I could heal for ever the many is not going down.
I could use back on of live to heal to target at once. But who should benefit from the main heals.

The main reason is:

I am not familiar with the fights and have no idea what this particular group is going to do. This raid considers themselves as pretty good and no need for explanation.
Everything was addressed in general and nobody felt it would be necessary to say something concrete.

Statements where like:
The overall damage is to bad.
Heals are to bad.

I am quit sure at least for me that I tried to do the best I could. Looking at the Razor drake fight:

A) Healers have a range problem. I had no idea who of the suffering guys would be in range.
B) No healer where assigned to a MT.
C) It was even unclear to me who the 3 MT are.

Part of the problem was: Over TS the Austria guys are really tough to understand for a northern German.

So we wiped. Healers where assigned to their tasks and everything went very smooth up to the moment of phase 2. I had no idea where the MT would move to. As a healer you have to follow otherwise an unlucky situation may occur where you start and a heal and end up out of range. What I did not now, two tanks would be enough to finish the job, so don’t make you to much stress.

We wiped several times on trash on the way to this Boss with arm fights. We had only hunters, warlocks and rogues for good cc. One of the rogue was not following any orders so we had only one zap.
The mood got lower as often as we wiped. For me it was hard to heal. Players with aggro die fast even a tank, that did not start in the beginning but took an add after it got free. Nothing was said from the raid lead so I could only guess.

Moral of the story:

You can kill bosses in Ulduar 25. But for me as always communication is the key. Tell not only dps and cc what they are expected to do, also healer. If you played together frequently just tell the new guy what his role would be.
In the time of MC we had even channels for healers, where they made sure who would heal whom.
I liked the trip into Ulduar even if it ended earlier. I even could pick up some shoulders.

Afterwards I finally downed the last boss of Oculus heroic. We had 5 tries on him. Set up was 2 healers, 2 dps, one tank. We lost one healer but got the job done. The drop was a nice mage damage stuff I would like to have for my alt. So I will be there more often with my mage the moment he will hit 80.

Since this trip again cost me more than 90min I only had a couple of minutes left for my inscription business. I finally set up may AH seller in Oggrima with 4 inscription bags and 100g starting. I will now produce with my mage and sent to the inscription AH alt. I hope to make some money this way.

My weekend plans are not sure yet. Either I will take part in a triathlon some 100km away or will be able to play. (Leveling the mage, he now has 2mio rested exp should be enough for two levels)
If possible I would love to do more 2v2 with my warlock mate.