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Under Maintenance

September 1, 2009

I have the odd feeling for some month now, that I have chose the wrong web appearance. I will change this. Therefore, I will have to look for:

1. New blog name
2. Follow tips for good bogging
3. Blog more regular

So far

I really enjoy blogging, it helps me to reflect my thinking and come up with a new perspective. I enjoy the other blogs very much and would love to be more involved in the overall discussion.
Sadly, pallynoob is not a good name for several reasons. Fist it is misleading. I am neither dump nor a real beginner of the game. What maybe would fit me is casual. But even for a casual I am, was, will be more hard core at it would be of any good. There where lengthy discussion about casuals and hardcore and I do not want to go into detail now.

Two weeks off

I will be away for two weeks in a row and I am not yet sure if I would find, or even will try to find time to blog.
Therefore, I will start my new blog end of September or beginning of October. German national day, would not that be a great day.

Sucking on damage

August 18, 2009

I still have no clue. What is the expected damage that a mage with an average iLvl of 209 should do?
I constantly manage about 2,5K DPS. Rarely I hit 3K DPS. But by far I am not close to 4 or 5K. At the moment I am Arcane Tree. I love the simplicity. Get 3 Arcane Barrage hits in a row to have maximum stack size and switch to Arcane Missile. If the faster buff is up do the missile immediately. But it still sucks.
I am now running with 30% crit and some 200 haste with 2100 Spell power. I am using mirror image early each boss fights and Icy vain early or when in need for burst later.
I could improve with the wyrm flask and could use buff food better. I think I may not using the third damage improving something like Arcane Power, where you spell costs more but hit harder. It Maybe the case, that my macro is mistyped will check this today.

Even if I should be able to run Ulduar 10er I would prefer a Naxx25 today to improve in the damage abilities and may be able to get some updates. Since I am still sporting some 200 iLvL it means still improvements.

I made a huge improvement in the matter of tailoring, and hope to be able to get the investment back. I bought a pattern for iLvL 226 shoes and power leveled the last 10 points in tailoring. Afterwards no more wizardcloth (Zaubertuch) and darkcloth (Schwarztuch) where available in the AH. No I have to wait for the AH refill and than I will start to craft those shoes. Since material cost is real high:

6 orbs (350g) = 2100g
10 Zauberuch = 1500g
10 Schwarztuch = 900g
? Magic Forstbolds = 200g

So I have to take 5500g for it. And still only small profit. It will be interesting to see if there really is a market for it. So far I have never seen them in the AH. Thats the reason why I made my own one.
If it won’t work I will have a loss of 15000g. But as usually no risk no fun. But at least it looks like not much competition in that area. And it is really high quality and would be great improvement for each alt hitting 80.

Glyph business is running. Still very tough competition but since I am selling a lot I have to craft a lot. I started to buy more ink directly from the AH since the producing is so time intensive.
My shot on the card sets still looks not so profitable. There is still lot of money bound that I should try to cache out soon.

As you can see, lots of targets for a very limited play time. Thats the reason why my pally did not see much playtime.

If you have any hints regarding the mage DPS please let me know.


Starting the rogue project

June 2, 2009

Hey guys, I am back from Paris and will start soon with my small rogue project. I finally reached my old companion who is now 600km away and asked him to play together again, after three years of none sync gaming.
Since he introduced me to the game and we leveled together with our first chars, we now know all problems that my come between us.

Rule Nr 1: Level together under all circumstances.

If you don’t follow this rule, it will be a disaster. Since it is more or less boring for the more advanced char to do quest that are no longer granting any experience. The lower char does not have that much fun, since he has is not contributing that much to the kill. It may be challenging for him alone but not with an advanced char.
The other side he can not help the advanced char since he will be one hitted or even can not hit the mob.

Rule Nr. 2: Do stuff that the other is interested too

From time to time leveling may not be the main target of the session. Doing some PvP maybe fun also. Taking a break and do some bg’s. I am quit sure we will do this, since my friend loved PvP and we will do it.

Why are we going to choose rogues?

I never played a rogue past level 18. I made lot of mistakes the last time and really want to understand what a rogue is about. This time we have the financial background to buy the stuff we need if it won’t drop so everything will be about performance.

Rogues must be fun, since we want to stealth towards our opponents and kill them fast and vanish if we need to.

On my second char I came across a rogue duo once and they impressed me. It was like watching a well drilled killing machine. There names have been funny too and we are planning to do something accordingly.

The things we have to watch out:

We can not rezz, so a death of us will lead to some ghost form traveling.
We can not heal, so our damage must be enough to kill fast.
We can do some crowd control, but the timing must be good, team speak will hopefully solve this issue.


Leveling together up to 80.
Time: No real time plan. Since we are both busy and certainly will do otherthings too, it will take us at least 6 month. Maybe more, we will see. I will keep you informed.

Other things I will have to do this week:
Do more 2v2 with my Warlock teammate.
Finally get my shamy to Oggrima and transfer all glyphs to him.
Post more glyph auctions.
Learn more glyphs; I still do not know all minor glyphs.

24h and Paris

May 26, 2009

What brings those two topics together? I consider myself as an addicted man. Whatever I do will become very fast totally involved into it. I started to watch the 24h TV series with Kiefer Sutherland some weeks ago. No I am nearly done with season 2. I have three more episodes to go.
Man this TV series is a very good entertaining for me. Everything around Jack Bauer is dying fast and he is pretty cool all the time:
“I can not answer now, I will do later”
“I am sorry I can not tell more, but please do what I said to you”
“I have to drop the call, do what I said”
He is breaking laws with nearly every step he makes. And what I like most, it is very though to predict what will happen in the next minutes. Each person can be suspected as evil or only mislead or even mistaken. It is fun, and even if I would love to do some more 2v2 matches today, I can not through to some housekeeping duties and my urgent need to find out the end of season two.
Paris will be my destination this weekend. It is our first anniversary of our wedding and in Germany we have a long weekend. An optimal situation to make the 4 to 5 hours car drive to the main capital of France and the city of love. Since my wife is a French teacher and extremely good in France language I expect a smooth stay. Finally I will be able to see the Eifel Tower and the Louvre.
So it will be tough to find some time for gaming this week.

On Sunday I played 5 hours and now my mage is sitting in 1K xp out of 1,5K to proceed to level 71. Rest bonus is accumulating, the instance “Castle Utrgrade” (is this the English name, I can only guess) is done with three quest and good upgrades. The nexus prequest are done also but so far I could not find a group picking me up from the group search function.
The bad thing is I am running only 700 DPS in instances, even on bosses. I have no idea why this is the case. Probably I will have to change my rotation. Maybe only 20% crit chance is for fire tree far to low.
And with level 70 I can now produce magic cloth, it is on a 4 days cool down and will be needed for all the fine epics I want to produce when hitting 80. My skill is up to 425 which allows my to manufacture the fast flying carpet. The slow one looks nice, but man this thing is so slow.

Sidenote: I would have loved to jump with my paladin into Ulduar. But random groups starting slow. There are some, but heal paladin do not seem to be in short demand at the given moment and since I have enough other goals it is not to bad.

Mission Completed

May 22, 2009

Man that was tough. As I mentioned earlier I am an absolute beginner in the sense of pvp. I have no idea what is necessary to pull out a win. How did it work this time?
We played against two hunters, both rushing hard on us. The warlock made some port actions but finally was nuked down, due to my lack of faster reaction in line of sight. Still an area of improvement, you have to know not only where your team mate is standing, also where will he head to and what amount of healing is necessary. So he was dead and it was me against two hunters.

My mate cheered on me, move under the bridge, one of the hunter will die due to the dots. Okay I jumped, an luckily one of the hunter really died. So my WL mate gave me the instructions how to act against a beast master with his annoying pet. Run, judge and hide. I really had at first get used to it. The run and hide part was the easy part. I could easy heal me up, with holy shock and my shield. Some small heals in between would be enough. The hunter tried to get my mana out of me with his viper shot. This was dispelled by me, thanks to my WL mate and me looking to the green color around my unit frame.

But how to kill the BM. He had around 18k live and a good restoring of that life. I tried to go after him from time to time with holy shock and my judgments, but this was by far not enough. One reason was probably that I was still running with my holy seal, this should be switched to something more offensive.
But mainly it was due to my lack of doing burst without being slowed all the time. So I needed a good combination of Hand of freedom, my stun hammer, and targeting this annoying BM. After many tries, I was getting better and more confident in the task. And decided to give it the final try, though the improvements he was down to 2/3 of his live and I got after him. Judgments and shocks where used on cool down this time and my hammer kept him in range for my shield bashes.
And finally he was below 20%. And I could throw my hammer of wrath. Now he was running. but no way for him to get away, my judges and hammers can be thrown from really far away.
This was for sure not the most genius win ever but at least gives me some confidents that it can be achieved.

Thinking back, what can be improved?

Work with the wings.
At least after the emergency bubble was used, there is no reason to not use my wings, and this way doing more pressure.

Improve targeting of opposing player.

Next steps:

Level my mage from 69 to 71. I want to be able to create moon cloth.
Look for the new argent tournament. At least give it a try.
Buy the fast flying for the DK.
Level my new shaman from 5-12 and bring him to oggrima. He should sell my glyphs.