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Sucking on damage

August 18, 2009

I still have no clue. What is the expected damage that a mage with an average iLvl of 209 should do?
I constantly manage about 2,5K DPS. Rarely I hit 3K DPS. But by far I am not close to 4 or 5K. At the moment I am Arcane Tree. I love the simplicity. Get 3 Arcane Barrage hits in a row to have maximum stack size and switch to Arcane Missile. If the faster buff is up do the missile immediately. But it still sucks.
I am now running with 30% crit and some 200 haste with 2100 Spell power. I am using mirror image early each boss fights and Icy vain early or when in need for burst later.
I could improve with the wyrm flask and could use buff food better. I think I may not using the third damage improving something like Arcane Power, where you spell costs more but hit harder. It Maybe the case, that my macro is mistyped will check this today.

Even if I should be able to run Ulduar 10er I would prefer a Naxx25 today to improve in the damage abilities and may be able to get some updates. Since I am still sporting some 200 iLvL it means still improvements.

I made a huge improvement in the matter of tailoring, and hope to be able to get the investment back. I bought a pattern for iLvL 226 shoes and power leveled the last 10 points in tailoring. Afterwards no more wizardcloth (Zaubertuch) and darkcloth (Schwarztuch) where available in the AH. No I have to wait for the AH refill and than I will start to craft those shoes. Since material cost is real high:

6 orbs (350g) = 2100g
10 Zauberuch = 1500g
10 Schwarztuch = 900g
? Magic Forstbolds = 200g

So I have to take 5500g for it. And still only small profit. It will be interesting to see if there really is a market for it. So far I have never seen them in the AH. Thats the reason why I made my own one.
If it won’t work I will have a loss of 15000g. But as usually no risk no fun. But at least it looks like not much competition in that area. And it is really high quality and would be great improvement for each alt hitting 80.

Glyph business is running. Still very tough competition but since I am selling a lot I have to craft a lot. I started to buy more ink directly from the AH since the producing is so time intensive.
My shot on the card sets still looks not so profitable. There is still lot of money bound that I should try to cache out soon.

As you can see, lots of targets for a very limited play time. Thats the reason why my pally did not see much playtime.

If you have any hints regarding the mage DPS please let me know.